Music From The Heart — John Nyerges ©2017 J. Nyerges, NBR Jazz (BMI)

All original music by John with Clay Jenkins — trumpet,
Doug Stone, Vince Ercolamento  — tenor sax,
Alexis Tarantino — alto sax,
Danny Ziemann — acoustic & electric bass,
and Chris Teal — drums.

My 3rd CD as a leader. This CD is a trip back to some of the mixed grooves on my 1991 Point of View CD 'roots' with some funk (featuring a lot of Fender Rhodes® besides acoustic piano, & some B3, synths), mixed with acoustic swing more evident in 2008, some up tempo swing, and a Gospel ballad.

Compositions for the people in my life, like my other CD's (Point Of View, 1991, Jazz Pictures & Poems 2008) - dedicated to parents, spouse, children, grandchildren, & musicians who influenced me... it contains some duets, solo piano and of course, quintet.

  1. A New Day — my general hope for the future of the world
  2. Solid As Stone — was written for Doug
  3. Cool — A 2nd tribute to Don Grolnick, 1st was “Tribute” on Jazz, Pictures and Poems. Features a new star on the scene, Alexis Tarantino
  4. Brecker’s Blues — Tribute to Michael (& Randy), a big influence on me, and a chance for an up tempo jazz romp
  5. Requiem — for my father-in-law Nelson Darroch, in memoriam.
  6. WGMC Blues — Joshua Redman-influenced tune and tribute to one of the best jazz radio stations in the country
  7. Floating —featuring Vince E (I wrote “Impetuoso” for him on Jazz, Pictures and Poems 2008)
  8. Meditation On A Prayer — a musical prayer for the world, a 2nd duet on acoustic piano with Doug (sax)
  9. Monk’s Blues II — Another version of “Monk’s Blues” 1st heard on Jazz, Pictures and Poems 2008
  10. The Look In Your Eyes — straight-8th groove Ballad for Kathy, duet on acoustic piano with Doug, tenor sax
  11. Can You Feel That? — written for Alexa when she came to play at my college as a guest artist
  12. Tribute — in memoriam, solo piano written for Fred Sturm, one of the greatest teachers and human beings I’ve known. First played at his Tribute concert 1/21/2017

D&C REVIEW: “One of Rochester’s fine jazz pianists, John Nyerges, has just released a tasty album of originals, appropriately titled Music from the Heart. As instrumentalist and small-group leader, he demonstrates an impressive range of musical skill.

“The program features an appealing balance of uptempo mainstream jazz and melodic ballads, played by various combinations, from a trio (with bassist Danny Ziemann and drummer Chris Teal), to ensembles with various well arranged combinations of horns, including trumpeter Clay Jenkins, and saxophonists Doug Stone, Vince Ercolamento and Alexa Tarantino.

“At its heart, though, the CD spotlights the subtle and richly artistic playing of Nyerges. I especially enjoyed his stretching out on “Brecker’s Blues,” and the grace and feeling he imparts to “Requiem.” And I also really enjoyed “WGMC Blues,” his roly-poly tribute to 90.1 FM, Rochester’s great jazz station.

“It’s clear why Nyerges is the pianist Jeff Tyzik and the Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra call upon when jazz is on the menu.”

by Jack Garner 10-15-2017 Rochester D&C Arts, 6C

Music From The Heart

Jazz, Pictures and Poems — John Nyerges ©2008 J. Nyerges, NBR Jazz (BMI)

All new original music by John with Clay Jenkins—trumpet, Mike Karn—tenor sax, Jeff Campbell—bass, & Rich Thompson—drums.

“My second release as a leader. This is music the way I like to play and hear it — melodic with interesting harmonic changes, but always musical and passionate. It contains acoustic bass and acoustic piano, drums, trumpet, tenor saxophone, and trombone. I hope this classic jazz sounding group and the compositions on it will be timeless and keep your interest on repeated listenings.”

  1. Monk’s Blues — for Monk [MP3]
  2. Modern Times [MP3]
  3. Time’s Up [MP3]
  4. Life [MP3]
  5. Sense of Loss — for Bob Stata [MP3]
  6. Impetuoso — for Vince Ercolamento [MP3]
  7. “Li’l E” — for Ian Nelson Buckles [MP3]
  8. Prayer Song — for Lena Nyerges [MP3]
  9. Straight from the Heart
  10. Tribute — for Don Grolnick [MP3]
  11. Away from the City

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Jazz, Pictures and Poems
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Point of View — John Nyerges ©1991 NBR Jazz

“My first solo release. Features all originals with piano and sax as main soloists plus bass & drums. This CD pays homage to some of the composers that influenced my earlier writing. It contains a mixture of straight ahead jazz trio tunes such as “Swing Shift” and “One For Josh” (for my son Josh) , “A Moment In Time” — a funk trio tune (ala Joe Sample), “Sambelissa” - a modern samba (title a play on words ‘samba’ and daughter ‘Elissa’) ala Chick Corea, “All The Way” — a Jazz-Pop ballad with Gospel inflections, “Scenic View” & “Song For Carina” (another daughter) ala The Yellowjackets, and “In Search Of A Word” — written after listening to sax great Kirk Whalum. “Where The Heart Is” is kind of a statement, the answer being “Home Is Where The…a ballad written in honor of my parents.

It features great work by Brian Scanlon—tenor & alto sax, Ron France—bass, & Wilby Fletcher, Jr.—drums.

  1. Sambelissa [Sheet Music PDF]
  2. A Moment In Time [MP3] [Sheet Music PDF]
  3. Scenic View [MP3]
  4. All The Way [Sheet Music PDF]
  5. Song For Carina [MP3] [Sheet Music PDF]
  6. New World [Sheet Music PDF]
  7. Swing Shift [MP3] [Sheet Music PDF]
  8. In Search Of A Word [Sheet Music PDF]
  9. One For Josh [MP3]
  10. Where The Heart Is [MP3]

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Jazz, Pictures and Poems

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